Superb HDR Related Tutorials For Photographers

Superb HDR Related Tutorials For Photographers

There are literally millions of  tutorials scattered throughout the internet for producing HDR images or a similar effect.  More often than not they are a little bit brief or the end results do not quite live up to the promised effect.  I have listed here, what I consider to be the ‘best of breed’ tutorials that I have used and learned from.

TheWindyPixel HDR Tutorial

If you haven’t visited TheWindyPixel yet then you are missing out. Featuring stunning HDR images of Chicago the site showcases some of the best examples of the technique you will find anywhere on the internet.

Also featured on the site is a very well written HDR tutorial.  As well as explaining what you need to do to get a great image, the tutorial also explains why this technique should be adopted.

StuckInCustoms HDR Tutorial

If you like HDR then you will have heard of, and seen Trey Ratcliff’s work (if you haven’t, where have you been!?).  He has also written a extremely good tutorial.  Taking you through the shoot process, Photomatix and Photoshop techniques this article will stand you n very good stead to get out there and start capturing great examples of HDR photography.  Trey’s work is also on Flickr.

Credit: Trey Ratcliff - Stuck In Customs

Credit: Trey Ratcliff – Stuck In Customs

Scott Kelby’s ‘Gritty Look’ tutorial

This tutorial will help you achieve an effect from portrait shots similar to that of Dave Hill.  A lovely step by step guide that isn’t confusing and easy to follow.

By separate16

By separate16

Vanilla Days HDR Tutorial

A great tutorial which takes you through the process and the individual settings within Photomatix to help you get the most from the software.  This tutorial also considers the difference between using bracketed photos as opposed to a single RAW file.  The difference between  Photomatix and Photoshop’s HDR capabilities are also covered.

Credit: Vanilla Days

Credit: Vanilla Days

Cambridge In Colour HDR tutorial

This tutorial goes more into the technical side of things.  Areas covered include the inner working of an HDR file, how BITS are allocated to increasing brightness and tonal hierarchy.


There is also an excellent HDR FAQ article by Terry Reinhert here (cheers Terry, it is a great article!), nice pic by the way!! ;0).

Written by Barry Chignell

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