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Woodland Photography Explained

Woodlands and Forests are a great location for a few hours exploring photographic opportunities. At first glance it may not appear that there is much on offer in the way of a photo, however, look at bit closer (and in the right places) and there is plenty on offer for a photographer!

barry chignellWoodland Photography Explained
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A Bit More With H2O

You may have read some of our previous tutorials and perused the galleries regarding water photography (Abstract Water Images The Easy Way, Water Photography The Easy WayåÊand Another Advantage Of Beer Bottle Tops). åÊWell, I’ve been at it again with my small, unused fish tank, some water, a lamp and various objects to drop into water in order to capture …

barry chignellA Bit More With H2O
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Using Twitter As A Business

I have recently moved into a new position within the company I work for. It is an SEO and Social media position which in certain areas overlaps with my work for FPR (which is nice). One of my many responsibilities is to write articles for the company blog, below is an extract from the first article regarding the use of Twitter as a marketing tool (as much of the content is not restricted to HR and can be utilised by anyone I thought it was something of interest to you all! ;)

barry chignellUsing Twitter As A Business
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Family Portraits: Personalities and the Location

The last few weeks have been very busy for JeffreyB. Photography. From weddings, to portraits, fashion, personal projects and family portraits, I have been working non-stop. One of the most recent shoots, a family portrait commission, was extremely fun and unique. It is a shoot that I am going to discuss and feature.

jeffrey byrnesFamily Portraits: Personalities and the Location
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iPad Light Table Apps

With the advent of iPads there comes many different uses for photographers. Many conventional iPad/iPhone apps allow the addition of effects and filters to photographs. Light Table apps allow you to create various colours, patterns and effects from your iPad screen..

barry chignelliPad Light Table Apps
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A World Of Patterns

Patterns are everywhere in our world. We see them every minute of every day and, more often than not, we usually won’t notice them. From the surface of a river to stone walls lining a field, pretty much everything has a pattern, even our behaviour.

barry chignellA World Of Patterns
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What Breaking My Wrist Taught Me About My Photography

Back in June I broke my wrist whilst playing football. I think I took it pretty well, initially thinking it was just a sprain, until I got to the hospital and was told that it was fractured in 3 places and that I had also crushed a number of bones. This news was closely followed by an operation to fit …

barry chignellWhat Breaking My Wrist Taught Me About My Photography
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A Photographers Social Profile

As a photographer you already possess a great arsenal to create unique and interesting social profiles. This is important as your online presence is becoming (or already is!) your greatest weapon when it comes to building a client base and, ultimately, attracting accolade and business.

barry chignellA Photographers Social Profile
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365 Photography Projects Explained

A 365 project (as the name suggests) is a 1 year photography assignment, to capture 1 photo per day. There are no rules regarding what you take photos of as long as there is a general ‘theme’. The images can be of a particular subject, such as architecture, a particular genre like landscape, portrait or street, or even using a particular effect such as bokeh or fisheye.

barry chignell365 Photography Projects Explained
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Photography Exhibition: "Objects of Industrialism"

On December 7th I opened an exhibition in a quaint gallery in Holyoke, MA. “Objects of Industrialism” is a body of work that focuses on the objects that remain after the collapse of the industrial revolution. In the last 4 years I have spent countless hours exploring,åÊexamining, studying, and photographing industrial spaces. Almost every space that I have photographed has …

jeffrey byrnesPhotography Exhibition: "Objects of Industrialism"