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Understanding Your Camera's Histogram

Understanding the Histogram on your DSLR is an important element in avoiding under or over exposed images when you get to your post processing.åÊ Although most DSLR‰Ûªs have an LCD screen for you to preview your photographs prior to transferring them to your PC for post processing, it is difficult to be absolutely sure if there are any areas of …

barry chignellUnderstanding Your Camera's Histogram
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10 Stop Filter Explained

Today I received a 10 stop ND filter after reading about what can be achieved using it and searching online for a good deal. As far as I can tell there ar 2 main players in the 10 stop filter market, the Lee ‘Big Stopper’ and the Hitech filter (which I purchased). It’s gonna be fun trying this bad boy out!

barry chignell10 Stop Filter Explained
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Guest Post – Black and White Photography: A Few Things To Know

I am pleased and proud to feature the below tutorial from a friend of mine (and FPR), Jeff Byrnes. I have known Jeff for sometime now since I interviewed him regarding his photography and website ( Jeff is busy working on a new site currently and so I was extremely grateful when he agreed to write this article explaining black and white photography and post processing….cheers Jeff! ;)

jeffrey byrnesGuest Post – Black and White Photography: A Few Things To Know
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Another Advantage Of Beer Bottle Tops!

What do you get if you have too much time to spare on a Sunday, have a spare mini fish tank and some old bottle tops laying around……..

barry chignellAnother Advantage Of Beer Bottle Tops!
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Motorsport Photography Explained

Motorsport is naturally exciting due to the high speed and potential incidents that may occur, as such it can offer some wonderful photography opportunities. There are a few rules and tips which should be understood and followed if you are to make the most of your day at the races…..

barry chignellMotorsport Photography Explained
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Night Photography Techniques

Personally I prefer shooting at night however a lot of photographers don’t venture out to try this genre of photography. Whether this is due to lack of time in the evenings or simply that a lot of people feel that night photography is too difficult to get right and achieve great images…..

barry chignellNight Photography Techniques
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Dispersion Effect Photoshop Tutorials

The dispersion effect is something that I have been noticing more and more around the web in photography communities. It is an effect whereby the subject (usually a person) appears to be transforming into liquid, dust or breaking apart. Also known as ‘fractured image effect’, when done correctly, looks awesome……..

barry chignellDispersion Effect Photoshop Tutorials
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How To Photograph Mountain Biking

Mountain biking is a awesome, growing and easily accessible sport all over the world. Being easily accessible and given the different terrain, the number of differing situations/styles of event and the fact that there are literally hundreds of thousands of people taking part in the sport, it offers a great opportunity for some photography outings to test your skills and play about with settings, lenses and effects.

barry chignellHow To Photograph Mountain Biking
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Creating Actions In Photoshop To Streamline Your Post Processing

If your post processing workflow within Photoshop is anything like mine then you will be aware that there are certain tasks and tweaks that you apply to your images which you repeat regularly. If these tasks require multiple steps and are consistent in terms of the effect/change that is applied, then you can create an ‘Action’ within Photoshop which will run a series of commands to apply the changes to the image for you.

barry chignellCreating Actions In Photoshop To Streamline Your Post Processing
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Abandoned Building Photography

Abandoned buildings are great to photograph. There is this a subtle, yet charming and an inviting lure to photographing vacant and abandoned buildings. A number of books and websites are devoted to just that topic and subject matter. Plenty of sites exhibit photographs made of abandoned buildings.

jeffrey byrnesAbandoned Building Photography