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Grafitti And Me!

I went out VERY early last weekend in the freezing cold to take some urban shots. There is a local skate ramp under a railway bridge that has some great graffiti so I thought that was a good start. Before my hands lost feeling I managed to take some shots of the graffiti and a couple of self portraits for some profile pictures. I am told that I always look depressed in my self portrait shots….I know, this is because if I smile I look a bit weird!!!!! ;0)

barry chignellGrafitti And Me!
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……..And Relax

Cold foggy night tonight, very calm on the river which is always nice…..

barry chignell……..And Relax
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Christmas Day HDR

Went for a drive (and cigarette) yesterday and also managed to get some photo’s before my fingers lost all feeling……

barry chignellChristmas Day HDR
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Devon Photo Gallery

Had a nice weekend away in Devon, weather was OK and managed to get some photos before the rain returned……

barry chignellDevon Photo Gallery
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Been testing out my new lens recently (previous portrait post as well). Went to the local lake today at sunset and was pleased I did, lovely light!!

barry chignellSundown
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Portrait Technique – Dave Hill Variant

I have long been a fan of Dave Hill’s work and love the effect he uses on his portraits. I have loosely followed/combined a couple of tutorials on how people assume he achieves the dark gritty look in his work…..

barry chignellPortrait Technique – Dave Hill Variant
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Remains Of The Day

It’s getting to that time of year when you get just enough time after work to get out and catch the last remnants of colour from the sun. No more being restricted to night shots for me!! ;0)

barry chignellRemains Of The Day
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Summer Sunset

Noticed the sunset whilst driving home last night. Normally I cant get to a good spot in time to capture the best colours and effect but I think I got there just in time thankfully!

barry chignellSummer Sunset
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Shock Portrait

Starting to worry myself with some of these self portraits!!! This one was born out of boredom and took about 20 shots to get the lighting and water effect just how I wanted it. Most of the expression is due to how cold the water was!! ;0)

barry chignellShock Portrait
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Clay Pool

Pretty cool what’s hidden near major towns and cities…..this small lake/large pond is a location that a friend of mine uses to hunt for newts (odd boy!). I went along with him to take some photos and noticed the scene whilst waiting for the newts to appear!!

barry chignellClay Pool