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Great Examples Of Rain Related Photographs

Taking photos in the rain isn’t everyone’s idea of a great idea, however, the results can be truly stunning as the photos in this gallery show!

barry chignellGreat Examples Of Rain Related Photographs
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Mirror Lock – Self Portrait

Went out tonight in the hope of getting some Bokeh shots with my 50mm. When I couldn’t find anything interesting enough to shoot I caught site of one of the mirrors in a local car park……

barry chignellMirror Lock – Self Portrait
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Multiple Me's!

Thought I would try my hand at a bit of multiplicity photography tonight. I only tried it with 3 me’s this time but think I’ll try it again with more!! ;0)

barry chignellMultiple Me's!
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Surfing Competition In Cornwall, UK

Went to Cornwall this weekend for a Halloween party and to have a short break. Happened to be there whilst a Surf competition was being held so had a go at a few photos…….

barry chignellSurfing Competition In Cornwall, UK
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Superhero Subway

Never knew this underpass was there until recently. Not the nicest place in the world but this colour made the trip worthwhile…..;0)

barry chignellSuperhero Subway
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Live….A Silhouette Portrait

As I missed a photo of the sky tonight, even though I was tipped off, I thought I would post a past sunset shot from a couple of weeks ago. It’s by a clay pit which is now a nature reserve near to where I live. The sunsets are amazing and the sky turns a brilliant golden colour…….like tonight………next time eh!?

barry chignellLive….A Silhouette Portrait
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Grafitti And Me!

I went out VERY early last weekend in the freezing cold to take some urban shots. There is a local skate ramp under a railway bridge that has some great graffiti so I thought that was a good start. Before my hands lost feeling I managed to take some shots of the graffiti and a couple of self portraits for some profile pictures. I am told that I always look depressed in my self portrait shots….I know, this is because if I smile I look a bit weird!!!!! ;0)

barry chignellGrafitti And Me!
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Boscombe Pier By Night

Went to Boscombe near Bournemouth this week on an assignment. Most of the photos taken were obviously for the client but managed to get a couple for myself……..

barry chignellBoscombe Pier By Night
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Amsterdam Photo Gallery

Took a trip to Amsterdam this weekend to visit some good friends. Great time had and also a great place for photography!! ;0)

barry chignellAmsterdam Photo Gallery