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Image Of The Moment – Black And White Portrait Shoot

I had a great portrait shoot yesterday. We started out trying to get a photo similar to one seen in a magazine but as with most things the shoot kinda went of on a tangent (which is a good thing as I am chuffed with the outcome)!

barry chignellImage Of The Moment – Black And White Portrait Shoot
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Stunning Examples Of Corridor Photography

Corridors may not sound like a particularly interesting photographic subject, but with the use of depth of field, a good composition and clever use of colour, they can make a great photograph!

barry chignellStunning Examples Of Corridor Photography
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Outdoor Portrait Photography Explained

Outdoor portrait photography offers a whole new array of challenges for you to overcome. The changing light, the elements and general conditions all play a part in how your photos will come out after the session. Getting the basics right and being confident during the photo shoot will allow you to relax and conentrate on the little things that set your photos apart from the rest.

barry chignellOutdoor Portrait Photography Explained
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How to Create An Atmospheric Car Portrait

Taking a photo of a car is easy, point and shoot, the problem is that this will result in just a photo of a car. If you want to create some atmosphere which really creates a ‘mood’ and add that bit more to the photo then there are some things to consider and a few tricks you can use….

barry chignellHow to Create An Atmospheric Car Portrait
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Image Of The Moment – Rock Bottom

I thought I would try and take a self portrait that told a story. As I like a little ‘darkness’ in my portraits I went the whole hog and tried to portray someone at the end of the road……

barry chignellImage Of The Moment – Rock Bottom
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24 Amazing Photographs Of Japan

Japan is one place that I would love to visit purely to take photo’s and to try and capture the sheer beauty of the country. With such diversity and contrasting landscapes I don’t think you could ever get bored!

barry chignell24 Amazing Photographs Of Japan
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Black And White Photography Showcase

Black and White photography is one of the most widely used methods in the world today. Often giving a photograph an atmosphere that colour cannot achieve it is (and will always be) one the most effective forms of photography.

barry chignellBlack And White Photography Showcase
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Some Of My Portrait Work

I love taking portrait shots that tell a story or portray emotion, here are some of my favourite shots…..

barry chignellSome Of My Portrait Work
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Image Of The Moment – Return To Hambledon Wier

After visiting the weir a couple of weeks ago and only having a limited window before the sun went down, I thought I would return with more time to prepare and get a good position. Although the sun was setting and the light was golden, the capture looked more ‘pleasing’ in black and white….

barry chignellImage Of The Moment – Return To Hambledon Wier