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9 Hot Winter Photography Tips

Winter is often the season that creates the most chaos on the roads. But it’s also my favorite time of your for photography. The world changes and takes on a magical, quieter and more peaceful appearance, which is great for capturing on camera. Below are a few quick tips to help you achieve some great winter photography images.

barry chignell9 Hot Winter Photography Tips
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Some Landscape Shots From A Cold Outing

It’s finally starting to get cold here in the UK, it’s mid November and people are still wondering around in t-shirts! I took advantage of the frost and clear skies this morning to take a trip to the lake for some sunrise photography.

barry chignellSome Landscape Shots From A Cold Outing
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Everyday Locations You May Not Think Of For Photography

There are many locations that we all visit everyday, which, unless we stop to think about it, we would never contemplate visitng as a photographic location. Below are a few that I can think of, what other locations would you add, and why?

barry chignellEveryday Locations You May Not Think Of For Photography
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A Few Shots From A New Place I Found

I’ll be honest, recently I’ve neglected both FPR and photography in general. Part of the reason for this is that other things keep getting in the way but mainly it’s down to a bit of laziness and lack of inspiration. Finding new locations is great for getting the creativity back and today was one such find :)

barry chignellA Few Shots From A New Place I Found
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Easters Nearly Here According To Nature

If you’re a traditionalist then the sight of Daffodils flowering in the UK signals Easter. This year Easter’s late (a month away) but no one seems to have told nature!

barry chignellEasters Nearly Here According To Nature
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20 Epic Photographs Of Mountains

One of the photographers I have in my circle on Google+ is Andy Lee. Andy takes spectacular photographs of mountain ranges. It’s not simply the awe inspiring location that makes for such a great image, it’s the work Andy puts into the lighting and post processing that stands his work apart from other, similar, photographers. Below are some great examples of mountain photography.

barry chignell20 Epic Photographs Of Mountains
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My First Infrared Photo, It's Crap, And Here's Why…..

I recently discovered that an infrared filter which I used to use on an old camera, and since forgotten about, fit one of my current lenses. Excited at the prospect of trying something relatively new, I ventured straight out and took, what I consider, a crap photo. Here’s why it turned out so bad, and I wasted my time on the shoot.

barry chignellMy First Infrared Photo, It's Crap, And Here's Why…..
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The Creation Of VRS

As an ode to my current, but not for long, VRS, I thought I’d capture one last image. The photo was taken in a local car park at night and so the conditions weren’t perfect, here’s how I created VRS.

barry chignellThe Creation Of VRS

10 Ways To Improve Your Photography Today

  Experiment more Getting stuck in a routine, forgetting to try new techniques, equipment and ideas, or just lacking inspiration can be a real issue in a creative pastime like photography. One way to keep things moving and remain inspired and trying new things is to experiment Be happy with what you’ve got   Get social (critique, learn why you …

barry chignell10 Ways To Improve Your Photography Today