Bird Photography with Sigma 50-500mm F4-6.3

I recently hired a Sigma 50-500mm F4-6.3 lens for an upcoming surf competition on the south coast. To test the lens and to get used to the weight and handling of it I went to a local lake to get some shots of the wildlife. ALthough not the fastest lens I was pleasantly surprised.

barry chignellBird Photography with Sigma 50-500mm F4-6.3
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Inspiration Block?

I don’t know why but I suffer from inspiration blocks regarding my photography quite often. This is probably partly due to beer or simply the fact that I take so many photos, so often that I think that I have literally run out of things to capture! Anyway, I have put the following together in the hope that it helps those that find themselves in a similar situation to find something to release them from the mental torment that is……INSPIRATION BLOCK

barry chignellInspiration Block?
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Downward Spiral

Spotted this car park exit on way out Saturday. Went back last night to get some shots…..

barry chignellDownward Spiral
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Extraordinary Car Portraits By Richard Tran

I first noticed Richard’s car portraits whilst borwsing Flickriver. His images stood out due to the sheer impact that they have and the exceptional way in which he frames the subject car and the processing he uses to make his images truly ‘pop’. Put this together with the fact that the cars he captures are awesome and you have a winning combination. I had to ask Richard a bit more about his photography……..

barry chignellExtraordinary Car Portraits By Richard Tran
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Great Examples Of The Use Of Light And Shadow

Light and dark are the main elements in the vast majority of photography genres. With infinite variations, random nature and a never ending supply of light and shadow in the world, the possibilities of what can be achieved using these elements are endless.

barry chignellGreat Examples Of The Use Of Light And Shadow
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iPhoneography – 30 Great Examples

I have long been of the belief that phone camera’s are only good for taking snap shots of your mates drunks on a Saturday night. This is until recently when I have seen some truly great photos captured on iPhones. I think that mobile apps play a big part in the effects you can now achieve that compliment your phone photos and give them a genre of their own….here are 30 great examples of iPhoneography.

barry chignelliPhoneography – 30 Great Examples
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Awesome Examples Of Fog And Mist Photography

Fog and mist add something mystical to photos, early morning can offer the best results as the world is quiet and this adds even more to the overall scene. Below are some great examples of using fog and mist in photography…..

barry chignellAwesome Examples Of Fog And Mist Photography
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Vegas Self Portrait

Just got back from a short trip to Vegas (as you may know from the last post). Great great time had by all, here is one of the few photos taken that I can remember taking!!

barry chignellVegas Self Portrait
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Shallow Blue

Had a frustrating time over the last two weeks with FPR playing up and being VERY unreliable (sorry about that!). Anyway, fingers crossed it’s sorted now!! Took a few shots with my 50mm lens last night, quite pleased with the result/effect…….

barry chignellShallow Blue