11 Photography SubReddits

Reddit is one of the most useful and amusing sites on the net. As well as browsing for hilarious videos and images the site also has a number of subreddits which prove very useful for photographers,below are 11 such subReddits below are a few more than 11 subreddits due to an edit since first writing this article :). /r/photography/ -åÊThis is a place to discuss the tools, technique and culture of the craft. /r/photographs/åÊ-åÊThis is the place to share quality photo articles and galleries! /r/itookapicture/åÊ-åÊA subreddit about photography techniques and styles. /r/photocritique/åÊ-åÊPost your photographs here for advice. Browse other’s shots and give critique and draw inspiration. /r/AskPhotography/åÊ-åÊA place to ask questions to the photographic community here on Reddit. /r/weddingphotogs/åÊ-åÊA reddit for wedding photographers to get together to natter about shooting marriages. /r/HDR/åÊ-åÊReddit dedicated to High Dynamic Range imaging. /r/CityPorn/åÊ- A subreddit for cityscapes /r/EarthPorn/åÊ- A subreddit for landscape and amazing location photography /r/birdpics/åÊ-åÊIt is like bird watching, only on Reddit. /r/analog/åÊ-åÊThis subreddit is for the lovers of analog photography. Post articles, online portfolios or your own analog photos. Discuss technique and gear. /r/photoclassåÊ-åÊThis is an introduction to photography course, taught byåÊnattfodd. /r/picturechallengeåÊ-åÊEvery week, we, as a community, will come up with a topic or category of pictures. Throughout the time frame of each topic, we can post our pictures here for all to see. We strive to help people develop their photography skills and to motivate photographers to get out and make some art. /r/photoit/åÊ- A bit of a mess of various photography links and queastions. /r/postprocessingåÊ- All about post processing /r/photomarketåÊ- Reddits camera store /r/urbanexplorationåÊ-åÊAll things underground, forbidden, inaccessible, or abandoned. Pics, videos, maps, secrets, people, history. /r/ExposurePornåÊ- For long exposure addicts /r/LightGraffiti/åÊ- Light painting imagery /r/lightpaintingåÊ- As above /r/project52åÊ-åÊ1 Year. 52 weeks. 52 (or more) Photos. /r/portfoliocritiqueåÊ-åÊHelp new and amateur artists improve their pictures through reviews and critiques. If you are an seasoned artists, please review a portfolio and share your constructive suggestions!. /r/LightroomåÊ- Everything Lightroom related /r/strobiståÊ- Everything regarding off camera lighting /r/creativecloudåÊ-åÊA sub-reddit for discussions of, and help with, Adobes Creative Cloud software. Learn and help others so we can get the most out of our creative cloud subscriptions. /r/PhotoshopåÊ-åÊThis group is for general questions, tricks, techniques, troubleshooting and so forth. Feature image – JustRT

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