The Early Bird Catches The Photography Worm

I have always been happy to wake up early, I guess that’s just the way some people are programmed. One advantage, when it comes to photography, of waking up early is that you can get out and about taking images in what I believe are the best hours of the day to capture images, here’s why.

The world is empty

Early in the morning, and I mean early, especially at the weekend, there is no one else about. One of the drawbacks of capturing images in areas and locations that are popular is that there are other people about. You have to wait for your opportunity when there is no one else in the frame, wait for others to finish taking their own photos or having a look at what so interesting that your taking a photo of it. It is also quite common that people will take an interest in what your capturing, what technique your using and what equipment you have. As lovely as it is discussing photography with a complete stranger, it’s also nice to be left a lone sometimes to concentrate, the early morning grants this wish. Getting to a location is also much quicker and much less stressful. The lack of traffic allows you to a shoot that might otherwise be too far to travel to in your available time.

Everything is more relaxed

The mornings seem to offer a much more relaxing environment to work in. Less hussle and bussle, less stress and less distractions all add up to a very productive time to shoot photos. Capturing numerous images, just to make sure that you have the one you want, is a lot less stressful when you are alone with your thoughts and inspiration. Seeing things from every angle is easier when your the only one about. Knowing that you still have the rest of the day to carry on with other activities means that you can spend your time in the morning getting things right, the photos.

The world is different

Everything is different in the early morning, I find it a similar to when it snows. Everything is quieter, calmer and more serene. Colours are soft, pastel shades and things are very still. Shooting by a river often offers a mirror glass calmness on the surface of the water, mist of fog forming above the water and the colours of the sunrise filling the air. Busy streets during the day are empty and almost eerie in the morning, no cars, people or shop signs littering the pavements or roads. This is the time to capture some truly unique cityscapes and urban shots.

You still have the rest of the day

As mentioned above, choosing to capture images in the morning allows you to carry on with your life for the rest of the day. If your like me then you’d be happy to take photos all day but I’m not talking about your needs here, I’m referring to your partner and spending time with them. No one likes to be a photography widow/widower!

barry chignellThe Early Bird Catches The Photography Worm

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