Top Web Sources For Photography Inspiration

Abduzeedo (Twitter)

Abduzeedo has a huge collection ofphotographyand designinspirationincluding, photoshop tutorials,photographygalleries, photographer interviews, free downloads of Photoshop brushes etc and givaways. The site is beautifully constrcted and easy to navigate and also has a user feed which provides countless links to other similar websites. There is also a ‰Û÷DailyInspiration‰Ûª post which contains theåÊmost inspiring images selected by some of the Abduzeedo‰Ûªs writers and users. Categories include;

Some great articles;

Smashing Magazine(Twitter)

Smashing Magazine is primarily aimed atwebdesigners but often features great hand picked photo galleries. åÊPhotoshop tutorials feature strongly on the website and are a great resources when processing your photographs.åÊ There is also a nice list of the posts on the home page to quickly findphotographyrelated articles. Categories include;

Some great articles;

Ron DubinPhotography(Twitter)

A great friend of FPR, Ron is a professional landscape photographer based in LA. åÊHis websites features his excellent work and reular posts on his blog. åÊYou can purchase Ron‰Ûªs work (or win it in his competitions).Ron is also the author of ‰Û÷Bolivia – A Journey‰Ûª whichåÊcan beåÊpurchased here.I have previously featuredRon‰Ûªs workand also was lucky enough tointerview himabout his passion and profession. Categories include;


Smash & PeasPhotographyBlog(Twitter)

Smash & Peas regularly post great articles and tutorials about everything to do withphotography. åÊOne of the really nice things about Smash & Peas is the huge effort that has obviously gone into the site.åÊ The articles are clearly written and the quality of the site overall is a real testiment to the guys that run it.åÊ Fromnew gadgetsto5 day ‰Ûªseries posts‰Ûªthis is at thetopof my list forinspirationand new ideas! Categories include;

Some great articles;

Smashing Apps

  Smashing Apps is a great place to submit your link to their user feed. åÊThis section is an additionalsourcesofphotographyresource and well worth a look. åÊAs well as loads of design tips they have great galleries of all kinds ofphotography. There are too many categories to list here but some of the great galleries featured on the site are;


Everyone has heard of PSDTuts, its pretty much the No1 Photoshop tutorial site on theweb. åÊThis is a great source ofphotographypost processing tutorials and the user feed also has some great website advertised. Categories include;

Some great articles;


Noupe is primarily a source for designers and so I use it for the user feed which always has great links tophotographyresources and articles. Categories include;


I am quite a new visitor to 10Steps but what I have read so far has been great. åÊThere are some really nice tutorials and galleries and a link feed for additional content from other sites. åÊIts a very nicely laid out site and easy to navigate and find articles of interest. Categories include:

Some great articles:

TripwireMagazine (Twitter)

Tripwire is a great source of resource for Photoshop and so especially useful forphotographypost processing. åÊWith tutorials and free downloads this is a definate stop for your ‰Û÷finishing touches‰Ûª needs! Some great articles;


We all know Flickr! åÊIt remains one of the bestsourcesofphotographyinspirationon theweband features some incredible photogrphs and photographers! Some great ‰Û÷Groups‰Ûª on Flickr are;

PhotographyBlog (Twitter)

Featuring techniques and reviews of the latest camera it is definatley worth a weekly visit to keep up to date with the latest equipment andphotography‰Û÷how to‰Ûªs‰Ûª. Categories include;

Some great articles;


barry chignellTop Web Sources For Photography Inspiration

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